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About Us

About Us

On February 2nd, 2019, My cousin and I sent each other a text because we were unsure on what to get our significant others for Valentines day. Nothing seemed to jump out at us because everything we thought of getting was pretty much the basic clothes, shoes, cologne/perfume. At this time, there wasn't much out there for our significant others that we thought they'd love. My cousin then thought of Jewelry for "His and Hers" and brought the idea to me and I thought it was a great idea! We sat down for months and months brainstorming designs, color schemes, etc. Then the idea of "Kings N Queenz" came about. We first brought the idea to our boyfriend/girlfriend without them knowing it was our idea and they loved it!


We really wanted to present a High Quality Affordable Jewelry Webshop for our customers to fall in love with. We put our hearts into making this site so our customers are able to gift their loved one something meaningful, beautiful and affordable. We hope you love it just as much as we do! 


If you have any Questions, Concerns or comments feel free to reach out to us by email at